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Solutions in Philanthropy

Fund Development Plans

Do you keep putting the writting of your fund development plan on the back burner? Do you organize annual events without taking long term funding into consideration? The development of a strong fund development plan is essential to achieve your fundraising objectives and to guide your organization. It is a necessary tool that can save you time, energy and money in the long run if it is well structured and thought out.

Espace idées can help you identify and personalize your solicitations and determine which fund development programs are best adapted for your organization.

Funder Research

Espace idées subscribes to a reputable national donor database which is updated on a regular basis and contains foundation, corporate and government program profiles. We can conduct targetted research for your organization and provide you with a report highlighting all pertinent information for the preparation of funding requests.

Development of Funding Proposals

Your fund development efforts certainly include fund development proposals to different funders such as government, foundations and corporations. These stakeholders have very specific criteria that organizations must meet in order to obtain the requested funding. Espace idées understands that this can be a time consuming task and therefore offers a proposal writting service to help nonprofits fulfil this need.

Development of Case Statements (Case for Support)

The case statement is a necessary document for all nonprofit organizations. It contains key messages to promote your nonprofit and raise awareness among potential donors. The case for support describes the organization, its accomplishments, its vision and its impact in the community. It presents specific needs and what donations will be used for, as well as different ways to support the cause and make a difference.

The case statement can be used as a whole or in part on your website and in social media, in funding requests, with staff and your board of directors, in meetings with potential donors and in various media publications.

Annual Appeals

An annual appeal is a mailing sent to a segmented and targeted donor base chosen according to precise criteria.

Annual appeals are one of the original methods used in philanthropy and while several other sollicitation techniques exist today, appeals continue to be an effective way to convince current and potential donors to contribute to a cause. A well developped and targeted appeal can easily become an annual and a reliable source of revenu for the organization. One of our strengths is writing high impact appeal letters for nonprofits.

Donor Relations Programs

Acknowledgment, recognition and communications are three crucial elements to maintain donor loyalty. We can help you devise a donor relations plan specific to your needs and those of your donors.

Philanthropic Culture

Developing a strong philanthropic culture among our team is essential to encourage the sharing of values and practices surrounding philanthropy. This process takes the organization to a whole new level of engagement and innovation. Espace idées can help you explore the various forms of philanthropy, the philanthropic roles of all stakeholders in the organization, and the different ways to motivate and engage your team.

Policies and Procedures

It's extremely important for nonprofit organizations to have certain policies and procedures in place for several reasons : to reman consistent, to establish guidelines, to follow the necessary steps, to avoid conflicts of interests, etc. Espace idées can develop different policies according to your organizational needs, such as a Gift Acceptance Policy, a Confidentiality Policy, a Code of Ethics, etc.

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