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About Espace idées...

Espace idées is the conception of Marie-Claude, an energetic, curious and creative woman who has always worked for nonprofit organizations.  In 2015, she became interested in wanting to initiate an enterprise with a social mission that would collaborate with nonprofits and help them achieve their mission. Two years later, Catherine joined her in the project and the two are now joining their strengths to create Espace idées. These two passionates in philanthropy and communications simply wish to make a difference for nonprofits and the community.

To achieve this, Espace idées offers several services that encourage nonprofits to innovate: solutions in philanthropy and communications, training, access to a variety of relevant tools, as well as the rental of a fully equipped conference room.

Our Values

Innovation and Creativity

We encourage innovation and creativity in the fund development strategies and communications tools used by nonprofit organizations. We encourage them to think outside the box and to not be afraid to take well calculated risks.

Collaboration and Accessibility

Espace idées encourages collaboration between nonprofit organizations as well as accessibility to services. We recognize that it’s not always easy for smaller regional organizations to access training and consulting services. That’s why our solutions are personalized and offered at prices made for nonprofits.

Transparency and Authenticity

In its goal to remain transparent and authentic, Espace idées has chosen to focus on specific branches in philanthropy and communications. We will never claim to be experts or accept contracts in a field that we’re not specialists in because our mission is to make a real difference for nonprofits.

Up to Date in the Sector

The Espace idées team stays up to date in its practices. That's why we also regularly take part in various training opportunities in philanthropy and communications. Here are a few examples :

  • Senat recommendations for a stronger nonprofit sector
  • Research and donor data bases
  • Fundraising methods for small nonprofits
  • Crowfunding
  • Evaluation and impact
  • Storytelling
  • Organizational culture
  • Rules pertaining to tax receipting
  • Leadership in the nonprofit sector
  • Donor relations
  • Board of directors and engagement
  • Giving Tuesday
  • Donor surveys
  • Generational differences in fundraising
  • Budgets for nonprofits
  • Webinar hosting
  • Canadagives.org functionalities
  • In Design
  • Advertising on Facebook
  • Web hosting
  • Government sources of funding for hiring and training staff

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