Solutions in Communications

Communications Plans

Many nonprofit organizations lack a specific communications budget. However, a majority of them use communication tools such as brochures, Facebook posts or publicity without following a clear and consice plan and without necessarily identifying these as communications strategies. The development of a detailed communications plan allows nonprofits to better understand their needs and to put appropriate strategies in place that will help them reach their objectives.

We can advise you in the creation and planning of the following: communications material (posters, brochures and other visuals), media (press releases, event launches, publicity), social media and much more!

Writing and Editing

Our experience has demonstrated that nonprofit organizations use communications in very different ways than businesses. Nonprofit communications have a greater need and requirement to use storytelling, impact messaging, calls to action and accountability.

Whether it be a brochure, an ad, an annual report, a direct mail letter, a website or social media, we know how to convey your messages in order to effectively communicate what you do.