13 Suggestions to Improve Your Membership Program

Espace idées   •   August 3rd, 2021

Can your charity or nonprofit count on the participation and support of loyal members? Is it becoming more and more difficult to convince them to renew their membership each year? Do you think that the benefits offered are interesting? Beyond their presence at the annual meeting and a right to vote, do you manage to involve your members in other ways?

OK, enough questions! Here are a few suggestions on how you can make your membership more interactive for members. You don't have to spend more money for them to be more loyal and connected to your cause, but you do have to be creative and put in some effort.

  1. Create a welcome kit (virtual or printed) for all new members containing brochures, annual report, impact report and other relevant documents.
  2. Communicate regularly with your members, not just at renewal time, whether through a newsletter, personalised emails or a private Facebook group linked to your page.
  3. When you need volunteers for activities or services, consider offering these volunteer opportunities to your members.
  4. Present an exclusive free webinar to your members related to the organization's mission and save some time at the end for a Q & A.
  5. Provide networking opportunities (virtual or face-to-face) for your members to connect with each other.
  6. Invite members to visit the organization.
  7. Create quizzes with questions related to the organization's mission (a great way to learn more about the cause while having fun).
  8. Create surveys to get to know your members and evaluate their satisfaction.
  9. Highlight your members by presenting them briefly on your Facebook page, your website, in your newsletter, etc.
  10. Develop a partnership with a local business to offer a discount to your members.
  11. Offer the ability to join or renew membership online (in 2021, this is essential). It's even better if payments can also be made online.
  12. Create one signature event per year for members only (e.g., invite them to attend an inspirational, motivational or personal development conference. These events are very popular!
  13. Thank your members OFTEN! With a video featuring your president, management or employees. Then post it on your website, social media, or in your newsletter. Send them a thank you letter with a handwritten note.

Membership in a charity or nonprofit brings in donations, but more importantly it allows the organization to develop a relationship with members of its community. Relationships that can lead to other commitments. Investing a little of your time to improve membership can pay off!

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