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Espace idées   •   January 7th, 2019

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You don’t have enough time in a day to accomplish everything? Jobs keep piling up on your desk, you haven’t completed half the work and the day’s already over? You’re being asked to do more and more, but with fewer resources? You’re constantly putting out fires and never have the opportunity for long-term planning? If you work for a small nonprofit organization, this is probably a good description of your work routine.

It is well known that small nonprofit organizations rely on a limited number of employees who work extremely hard to keep up with growing demands. There are simply not enough team members to carry out some of the essential tasks to keep the organization running, including seeking funding and developing effective communication tools.

At the End of Your Rope

Day after day, you use up all your energy to meet the needs of your service users and recipients, because that's what you're passionate about! On the other hand, you also have to fundraise and develop communication strategies. With an already full schedule, these additional tasks (which are not insignificant) appear like a mountain and you quickly find yourself at the end of your rope.

Maybe you’ve considered some options :

  • Prioritize certain tasks, even if these take you away from other responsibilities;
  • Hire a new employee who would be responsible for all fundraising and communications responsibilities, which would require a significant investment and time on your part to train the new person.

But have you thought about hiring an external expertise, a consultant who specializes in the field of philanthropy? This option does not entail any more expenses than hiring a new employee and could bring better results. In addition, it would allow you to devote more time to projects for which your expertise is required.

We’re Here to Help

So how does it work? If you’d like Espace idées to give you a hand, just start by calling us to talk about your needs. You’ll quickly discover we’re very approachable and easy to get along with!

We’ll then set up a meeting (which is completely free) so we can gather more details about what kind of help you require. You present us your organization, your needs, you ask us all the questions you want and we’ll ask you lots as well 😉. Afterwards, Espace idées will prepare a very detailed proposal of our recommendations with an estimate of time and cost. You can then review it and present it to your Board of Directors. We always create our proposals in such a way that you can select priorities and go at your own rhythm. Once approved, we work in collaboration with you and keep you informed of each step in the project.

Do you feel overwhelmed by all the tasks you need to accomplish, especially those related to fundraising and communications? Don’t hesitate to take that first step. We can’t wait to meet you!

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